Key Facts Health

Life expectancy: 80 years (women), 79 years (men)
Infant mortality per 1,000 births: 15
Doctors per 1,000 inhabitants: 1,7

Cap Anamur has been active in Jordan since 2013.

Situation in the Country

Due to civil war in Syria since 2011, many Syrians took refuge in neighbouring Jordan. More than 600,000 people already left their home country and wait close to the border, hoping to return soon.

Our Goal

Medical basic care of the refugees from Syria.

Our Activities

In 2013, Cap Anamur was involved in Jordan for the first time, supporting Syrian refugees with a dental clinic and assistance in a physiotherapy practice for war wounded. In 2015, we opened the first polyclinic in Irbid. More polyclinics followed in Mafraqu, a town close to the Syrian border, in 2016, and in Ashloun, a town above the Jordan Valley, in 2017.
Each of these institutions offers aside from the human medicine also a dental division as well as a pharmacy. Both the treatment and the medications are free for the Syrian refugees.
In 2018, we could open another dental clinic in the large refugee camp Zaatary.

Project Reports: