Key health facts

Life expectancy at time of birth: 68 years for females, 66 years for males
Infant’s mortality per 1000 birth: 29
Doctors per 1000 inhabitants: 0.2
Cap Anamur was active in Nepal in 2015 for the first time

Situation in the country

After there occurred an earthquake in April 2015 many people were left with nothing from one day to the next. Starting from the epicenter 80 kilometers north-east of the capital Katmandu, the quake with a strength of 7.8 caused severe damages all over the country. About 9.000 died and more than 22.000 were severely injured. Furthermore the natural force destroyed houses, schools, temples and business buildings. Main support roads and streets were buried and the power- and water supply was broken down in many places. International aid first concentrated on areas easy to access, while remote villages like Judeegaun and Chandeni were left alone.

Our target

Create a prospective for children in the heavily hit villages of Jundeegaun and Chandeni by erecting two earthquake-proof school houses. Furthermore: Provide clean drinking water for pupils and inhabitants.

Our Activities

First evaluate heavily hit regions, which were not supported by international aid. Provide medical care for inhabitants of Jundeegaun and distribute food for one month.

Erection of the school building within 11 month, followed by erecting the building in Chandeni within 9 month. We opened both schools in 2016 and could offer more classes and education compared to the situation before. Thus in both villages education in secondary school level can be offered. In both places about 700 pupils attend the schools.

After finalizing the construction work we started drilling wells. While in Judeegaun we reach water already after a few meters we had to dig 150 meters deep in Chandeni. Presently we work on a water distribution system to provide water not only for the school, but for the whole village, too.

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