Key Health Facts

Life expectancy at birth: 52 years (women), 50 years (men)
Infant mortality per 1,000 births: 86
Doctors per 1,000 inhabitants: 0,1

Cap Anamur engaged in the Central African Republic for the first time in 2013.

Situation in the Country

Since 2013, fighting between rival militia has overshadowed life in the Central African Republic. Religious motivations play as much a part in this situation as do struggles for political and economical power and claims to land and precious resources. A stabilization of the situation in this country, according to the United Nations the world’s poorest with a yearly income per capita of 581 dollars, has to this day not been achieved. Health coverage of large parts of the population is precarious. The district hospital of Bossembélé, 160 km northwest of the capital Bangui, not managing to fulfil the needs for the 130,000 people in the region, is just one example. Fled staff, missing drugs and crippling buildings rendered the clinic dysfunctional.

Our goal

Construction of an interdisciplinary hospital complex in Bossembélé, in order to provide the region’s health system long-term with a functioning referral centre.

Our activities

At our project site in Bossembélé we run the regional hospital. Expatriate doctors and nurses work daily on patient care and train local staff on the job, passing on their technical knowledge. With the provision of drugs, supplies and medical equipment we ensure the facilities can operate without interruption. In order to provide the region with a manifold health centre, we renovate existing wards, erect new buildings and optimize the internal infrastructure. So far we have successfully completed subprojects such as the extension of the Internal Medicine and Paediatrics wards. We currently provide care for over 45,000 patients a year, in addition to around 5,200 vaccinations.

Our medical and building activities also extend to our network of health posts. At the sites Yaloké and Lambi we support the municipal health stations and run a mobile clinic, logistically supported by two motorbikes, that can cover even remote areas difficult to access.

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