Memorial for the founder of Cap Anamur Rupert Neudeck

Because of his radical humanitarian engagement and the rescue of about 11,000 Vietnamese refugees, a monument is created for Rupert Neudeck in his hometown Troisdorf (close to Bonn). The founder of Cap Anamur passed away two years ago after a surgery in Siegburg. The monument is unveiled during an official ceremony on Saturday, May 12 th , 2018. Former Vietnamese refugees cover the costs.

Rupert Neudeck saved over 11,000 persons from drowning in the Southern China Sea. Touched by the great need of the Vietnamese refugees, he and his wife Christel and Nobel Prize winner Heinrich Böll rented a boat and built up a hospital on it. In 1982, the committee Cap Anamur/Deutsche Notärzte (today: Cap Anamur/Deutsche
Not-Ärzte e.V.) emerged from the committee “Ein Schiff für Vietnam” (English: “A Ship for Vietnam”).

However, the rescue of the refugees in the South China Sea was just the beginning. The association started to engage worldwide and helped especially where media lost interest. From the beginning, medical supply, training of local specialists as well as building and maintaining medical facilities and schools were paramount. Until 1998, Rupert Neudeck was in the association’s executive board. Afterwards, he became a spokesperson of the aid organisation. Only in 2003, he left the association’s management but stayed loyally attached to the association up until his death.

Rupert Neudeck deceased on May 31st, 2016 at the age of 77 from the consequences of a heart operation.