Giving a future by way of a bequest

People wishing to make a good and sustainable contribution beyond their own life can make a bequest to a charitable organization in their last will. With your bequest to Cap Anamur you enable us to save lives and help people in distress. By enabling the provision of medical and economic assistance to people in need, the delivery of essential humanitarian supplies and the construction of hospitals and schools you will give victims of natural disasters and violence a future that is worth living for. Based on a will you can customize your bequest according to your own wishes and ideas and keep up the values that have been important to you during your lifetime. In our brochure “Zukunft schenken, Spuren hinterlassen” (Giving a future, leaving your mark) you’ll find some ideas as to how you can continue doing good things after your lifetime.

Please contact us or write us a message, if you would like to receive our brochure.