Every donation counts

With a donation you support our efforts in areas of war and crisis. Due to our efficient administration 93 % of your money will go directly into our projects.

Donate now – you can use the form on this page.

Donation account details:

Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V.
Sparkasse KölnBonn
IBAN: DE85 3705 0198 0002 2222 22

In case you want to direct your donation to a specific country please indicate under “intended purpose”. Without indication we will use the money where needed most urgently.

Advise for donations from European countries outside Germany:

To ensure similar conditions as for donations within Germany please replace  Account number and Bank code number by IBAN and BIC numbers.

Donation receipt

Please let us know your postal address for proper mailing of the donation receipts – via phone call, e-mail or on the donation form.

If we don’t have a postal address of a specific donor, we will transfer one cent with a request to call us. This is a common and cheap way for organizations like us to get in contact.

In case of more than one donation per year you may help us to save administrative work and cost by asking for a donation receipt for the full calendar year. We mail those receipts by February next year.

Personal data will be used very carefully and will in no case be made available for advertisers.

Our contact details:

Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V.
Thebäerstraße 30
50823 Köln

Phone: +49 221 / 91 38 15 -0
Fax: +49 221 / 91 38 15 -9


By recurrent donations via standing order or direct debiting scheme our administrative efforts are minimized and we gain some reliability for planning purposes. The donor may cancel the order at any time. For one time donations we offer you a right of cancellation within four weeks after receipt of your donation.