Contribution Receipt

In order to be able to send you a donation receipt, we kindly ask you to provide us your address per phone or E-mail. We treat your data confidentially and are not forwarding it to the advertisers.

We transfer one Euro cent and request a call-back to the donors, who have not provided their full address. For a relief organisation this is a well-established and cost-efficient method.

In case of multiple donations you can decide to receive an annual receipt in order to save us the administrative work and postage costs. We usually ship the annual receipt by February of the following year.

You can reach us at:

Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V.
Thebäerstraße 30
50823 Köln

Phone: 0221 / 91 38 15 -0
Fax: 0221 / 91 38 15 -9



Donor form

To issue a donation-receipt, we require the following information.
Please send us this questionnaire as completely filled in as possible.



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