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It can happen that you have had your last hot shower in Germany several weeks ago, which is no problem at all due to the blazing heat. You only have an improvised bed, but there’s anyhow little time for sleep. Cooperating in our projects isn’t so easy, but highly rewarding: Watching children that were too weak to walk are playing outside again, women that so far haven’t had any future prospect are now working as a nurse or midwife, or schools and hospitals under construction right in the middle of a war zone.

Basically, all our projects aim at running smoothly and effectively – also after our withdrawal. During your mission abroad, you will closely cooperate with local people and authorities. As a matter of principle, all our staff are living on site. This strengthens their sensitivity to the actual situation and helps them to deal with the particular challenges of a mission in a foreign country and culture. For this very reason they must be available for a mission of at least six months. During their stay our staff actively support local people in need, contribute to sustainable projects and play an important role in shaping these projects. We work in small teams with flat hierarchies. Thus we enable individuals to contribute and realize their own ideas.

Are you interested in joining one of our projects and helping the local people? Then send in your application now!