Cap Anamur Ausbildungsprojekt in Afghanistan

Corona leads to fear and insecurity

Like everywhere else in the world, our projects in Afghanistan have also experienced restrictions under the Covid 19 pandemic. However, the local staff employed by Cap Anamur to supervise our training project in Herat have been safeguarded by us.

From March to August the vocational schools in Afghanistan were closed. Our training project in Herat could not be continued either. Cap Anamur has a total of 45 local employees working on the training of nurses. With the closure of the schools, their source of income would have dried up. Therefore, full or partial wage payments for these employees were decided. This has enabled us to buffer many personal and financial catastrophes.

Nevertheless, there is a general fear and insecurity in Afghanistan due to the Corona pandemic, as the lack of state and social security has caused existential fears in many people.

Afghan refugees are expelled from Iran

These fears have been exacerbated by the developments in Iran for months. This is because the pandemic hit Iran very hard at early stage. As a result, the Iranian government has expelled even more Afghan refugees from the country. Some of these refugees lived in Iran in the second or third generation to earn money as low-wage workers for their families in Afghanistan. With the expulsion from Iran, the only wage for a family of several members is often lost.

Despite a very good harvest year, the civilian population also suffers from rising food prices. Protective masks and disinfectants are available in sufficient quantities, but for people who have to worry every day anew about whether they are getting enough to feed their families, these important protective measures are not even close to being on their list of priorities.

Corona Schutzmaßnahmen beim Cap Anamur Ausbildungsprojekt in Afghanistan

Safety precautions for our employees

Our work in the hospitals and especially the dialysis project continued as usual. We have taken appropriate precautions for our employees. For this purpose, we procured and made available a large quantity of protective clothing.

Cap Anamur betreut ein Ausbildungsprogramm für Krankenpfleger*innen in AfghanistanSince August we have been able to carry out our work in the training project for nurses again. This brings us one step closer to our goal of improving medical care in the rural areas of Afghanistan.

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