A new hospital for Afghanistan

For more than five years now, Cap Anamur contributes significantly to the basic medical care in rural areas in western Afghanistan by providing a successful training program for midwives and nurses. Meanwhile, 120 young women have earned an officially recognized vocational qualification and are taking care of the sick and pregnant women in their previously underserved rural villages. Furthermore, since the beginning of the year we are supporting the dialysis station of the regional hospital in Herat. “It’s the only one for several surrounding provinces,” says our logistics expert Faisal Haidari. “We provide the station with the much needed supplies such as dialysis sets and filters for blood purification treatment.”

Since end of the year the hospital in Shade which we have built is running financially independent, so that we are able to work on another hospital: The hospital of Imam Sheshnor is decrepit and closed for three years now due to a lack of money. But for the people of the surrounding 20 villages there is no alternative to obtain health care in a perimeter of 30 km. Therefore, we immediately started to renovate the building thoroughly and installed new water pipes. After completion of reconstruction Cap Anamur will take care of the equipment, the staff and the hospital management in accordance to the standards set by the Ministry of Health.

The focus of the hospital will be on outpatient care, but for serious cases we will also set up an inpatient ward with 12 beds. In particular, the medical care of women by competent midwives – whether for family planning, pregnancy checkups or birth assistance – is an important contribution to decrease the unfortunately still very high mother-child mortality in Afghanistan. “To transport a pregnant woman to the far-off Herat hospital for checkups requires money and time,” said Faisal Haidari. “Often the husbands cannot or will not invest either. However, without adequate prenatal care pregnancy risks will not be discovered and that can be fatal for mother and child. Our goal is to open the hospital in June and put it financially on its own two feet within the next three years. “