Our training program for a better medical care

Our Training program for nurses is still an important project to improve the medical situation for the rural population in Afghanistan. The quality of this education including the practical experience gained is so high that the number of candidates is growing every time. To cover even more topics we have extended the education Plan and increased the duration from two to three Years.

September last year the entrance examination for the new class took place. 47 out of 200 have been selected to take part, among them 19 male candidates for the first time.

Versatile education

The practical part of the nurse -education is designed versatile and among others contains sewing of wounds, placing of infusions, injection-  and wound dressing techniques, surgery assistance, reanimation and shock-management. The education strictly follows the governmental curriculum. The leaders of the education program frequently take part in the trainings offered by Cap Anamur.

Alike in the midwives- program we here select candidates, who come from the rural border areas in the province of Herat.  They have to commit themselves to return to this remote and undersupplied area for at least three years to use their skills there. This commitment is important as many people in rural Afghanistan are cut off from medical care due to tense security situation and poor infrastructure. For example in winter time lots of mud roads are impassable and people, whose illness could well be treated, will die.

Bridge to a dignified life

Afghanistan still is among the countries with the highest child- mother mortality. This can only be counteracted with a comprehensive medical care for rural population. The well educated nurses are very versatile. The support vaccination- campaigns, supervise taking of tuberculosis medicines and provide health information.  They form the bridge to a dignified life for the rural population, who is in a constant dilemma due to poverty, climate, lacking infrastructure and catastrophic security status.

Pease support education for nursery of young female and male Afghans. Every donation counts.