Hope for Afghanistan: Young women and men

Under normal circumstances, Faride and Nasirahmad probably never met. Faride comes from a border district near Iran’s borders and Nasirahmad comes from a village on the border to Turkmenistan. Even if they were from the same district, there would not be a difference because it is not usual for young women and men in Afghanistan to talk to members of other clans. Now they are not only newly married, they are also fully educated. Both is possible because of Cap Anamur.

The beginning of a success story

It started in 2016. After a successful graduation of our midwifery training, we offered a new training for nurses. This should take 3 years instead of 2 years; approved by the state it should be the first time to open this possibility equally to all participants, men and women. Our team in Afghanistan got more than 200 applications. After an approval test, we decided to take 47 participants: 28 women and 19 men. Basic prerequisite: The participants have to be from the rural areas of Afghanistan and have to make sure, that they will got back there after they completed their training successfully. This makes sure and increases that they get the necessary basic care in the rural region.

Afghanistan is under control of corruption and terror of the Taliban for many years. There are still daily attacks with people who were hurt or even died. Many people escape because of this and the situation of no perspective within their own country. Especially people who have better financial possibilities are going to leave. Therefor Afghanistan loses a high amount of talented academics and professionals. Above all, in the bad connected rural regions you can see the tendency at the medical sector. The few hospitals are located in the metropolitan areas that are difficult or impossible to reach for most people in the 34 provinces of the country. Long distances for the people who are living in the rural areas are not only dangerous. They are also expensive and for people who are very ill or women who are having her baby soon nearly impossible. People are going to die for illnesses that are normally easy to heal with a good therapy. Only requirement: medical professionals. Especially women in helping professions are missing because many women do not go to the few men who could help them because of shame and shyness.

Medicine against superstition

A completely new chapter is now beginning for Faride and Nasirahmad. Together they will go back to their villages as state-certified nurses to help people who would otherwise have no chance of adequate medical care.

In addition to first aid, they now are able to manage the care of minor injuries, can provide intravenous access and support vaccination campaigns. “There is still a lot of superstition in the villages. With illnesses or psychological problems, many people still prefer to go to the mullah than to the doctor, “explains Nasirahmad “that has always annoyed me a lot. It makes me even more happy that I am now able to help in a medical way and that I can give explanations”.