Arrival in the disaster area

If you get involved in a mission to a crisis area, you need to prepare differently than for a normal project or a holiday.  An emergency deployment to a crisis region leaves no time for special preparations. When cyclone ‘Idai’ hit Mozambique, and within a few short hours wreaked havoc and caused the death of many people, one thing became clear: The country needed help – quickly! Within a very short time a small emergency team from Cap Anamur was established.

A few clothes were thrown together, weatherproof kit gathered.  Soon our team embarked on a small odyssey taking almost a whole day and several connecting flights to reach Mozambique. Tired, but full of drive they arrived, in the particularly hard hit by the destructive force of the tropical storm, city of Beira. Logistics Expert Michael Schlüssel was already waiting for them. With several projects for Cap Anamur under his belt, he had made Africa his home a few years ago settling, of all places, in Mozambique. Schlüssel welcomed the little emergency team warmly at the airport. Still raining, the extent of the damage the storm had left in its wake, slowly became apparent.

Our team immediately went to assess the situation. Bari, home to 500.000 people, had been struck particularly hard by cyclone ‘Idai’ and been cut off from the outside world for several days. During the trip even experienced colleagues were shocked: The human suffering is immense. Many of the areas are still completely submerged in water.

There is much to do.

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