Waylaid, robbed and wounded

Merchant Badu’s story

Badu’s morning began just as usual. He woke up early, checked the goods he planned on selling at the local market and tied the heavily laden boxes to his motorcycle. After a brief goodbye to his family the 31-year-old merchant dutifully set off.

His routine is adventurous and even Badu’s motorcycle cannot spare him from overcoming a handful of obstacles along the way. For years now the Nuba Hills, a mountain rage in the south of Sudan, is bearing the title of a war zone. The lack of passable roads, the uneven tracks and clouds of dust that block one’s view are further complicating Badu’s task of getting to the market.

Nonetheless, the years of experience and his feel for the laden motorcycle made Badu to a proficient driver. What the clouds of dust did not foreshadow was that something was going to disrupt that seemingly ordinary day. Badu’s encounter with bandits who have heard about a merchant taking that exact path when delivering his products. Out of Badu’s sight they were waiting for him.

Badu unsuspectingly became victim of an ambush. Luckily, he made it out alive, although severely injured. The aftermath of that encounter were three bullet wounds. Both upper arm bones were riddled with bullets and an additional one shot through Badu’s right shoulder. During an emergency operation our team in Sudan was able to clean all three wound canals and successfully remove bone fragments. Both arms were put in splints in order to support the healing process of the fractures in that area.

Our small Cap Anamur – Team in the Nuba Hills team was touched by the love and care Badu received from his family and friends throughout six weeks. Notwithstanding bone loss and several infections of the wound canals our team could record a success. The fractures were steadily healing. While his right arm recovered completely, Badu’s left arm maintains a small-scale impairment. Nevertheless, can Badu proudly claim to have found a blessing in disguise.

The Nuba Hills remain a dangerous region. Our team on the ground is regularly exposed to high risks but accepts this fact in order to enhance the lives of the local population. With a donation you can help us to remain helpful.