Cap Anamur Ausbildungsprojekt in Afghanistan für Krankenpflegekräfte

An Educational Project – A Chance for Life

Since 2009, Cap Anamur is offering a vocational nurse/medical care training in Afghanistan. For many women and men, this is a great opportunity and a real chance for life.

The conditions for this vocational training are that the participants have to come from the rural areas of Afghanistan and that they pledge themselves to return back to their home villages after the training has ended. There, they will support and sustainably improve the primary medical care needs.

Since the spreading of the corona pandemic, all vocational training schools in whole Afghanistan have been locked down and all participants had to return back to their home villages. In early August, all students could return then and participate in school lessons again.

Due to the fact that women mostly do not have equal vocational and educational chances such as men, so this is a very important vocational perspective for them.Cap Anamur Ausbildungsprogramm in Afghanistan für Krankenpflegekräfte

One example is the 28-years-old Ferzone Rezai, who has started her vocational training as a nurse in October 2019.

She comes from the 150 km distanced Badghis/Qades. She has spent the first six months in our vocational school together with her three children, who have also joined the integrated kindergarten. Cap Anamur has taken care of their free board and lodging. Ferzone has heard about our vocational training offer from her cousin, who had visited our training course before and is currently working as a nurse in her home village.

Cap Anamur Ausbildungsprogramm in Afghanistan für Krankenpflegekräfte

Since she was a little girl, the yound mum always wanted to become a nurse.

However, at first she had to bury her dreams after grade 12, because there was no opportunity to become a nurse in her region. She married and got three children. Unfortunately, her husband is sick and unable to carry out any heavy physical work. Therefore, Ferzone decided to take family needs into her own hands. She had applied and after a succesful entrance examination result, she had been selected under many other competitors. It would be impossible for her to follow this vocational training without the absorption of child care, board and lodging. For this reason, the young Afghan woman is grateful that all these things are safeguarded by the relief organisation from Cologne.

Cap Anamur Ausbildungsprogramm in Afghanistan für KrankenpflegekräfteFerzone treats this vocational training course as the chance of her life. This training enables her the possibility to achieve a garuanteed minimum pension for her husband, her children and herself. She is exceedingly happy about being now able to help those in need with her job.

In the „WebTalk“-programme of the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Peace (Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für den Frieden) the chairman of Cap Anamur, Mr. Bernd Göken, gives a lecture about our work in Afghanistan and he also talks about our vocational programme at there.

You can follow the WebTalk here.