Extension of our supply network

During his project trip in mid-November Cap Anamur chairman Werner Strahl visited four of the medical facilities in Bangladesh which are supported by us. The hospitals of Joypurhat and Kalai are located in the north-western part of the country. The NGO-hospital of Kheya is situated in the southern part of Bangladesh and the DHUP-Foundation-School for handicapped children is based close to Dhaka. “Outside the capital countless people live far below the poverty line”, reports Werner Strahl. “For the majority it is hardly enough for their own living and only exceedingly few can raise money for medical care.” That is why Cap Anamur supports eight hospitals in total to provide medical care for the so called ultra poor, the poorest of the poor: We supply the facilities with drugs, consumption material and medical devices like ultrasound scanners. Thereby we can ensure the medical care of more than 5.000 patients per month.

Despite the big bureaucratic obstacles, which are typical for the country, the cooperation with the public hospitals works exemplarily – not least because of our long-standing and experienced coordinator Shabbir Ahmed Uddin. The Bangladeshi works since the beginning of the project about nine years ago for Cap Anamur.

For the next year we are planning the expansion of our help: „We will send experienced doctors of different specialties to Bangladesh, to train the local doctors who are eager to learn”, according to Strahl. “The polite manners of the local staff while treating the numerous patients and their relief that they can finally medicate sensibly, have pleased me very much. This will make it easier for our German doctors to teach, particularly when they are confronted with diseases by abject poverty.”

An additional plan for 2016 is the start of the cooperation with five local NGO-hospitals. Unlike in public hospitals our long aimed cooperation of foreign medical staff is permitted here, so that Cap Anamur can help at least a little against the awful shortage of doctors in the countryside. Statistically there is 1 doctor for about 3.000 people; in Germany there is 1 doctor for 260 residents.

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