Fruitful co-operation

Cap Anamur is supporting 5 non-governmental hospitals in the north of Bangladesch since  September 2015. These institutes in the border areas of the country support mainly women and children, who have no financial means. The interim result after about five month is mainly positive: While there were about 150 to 250 patients a month before our engagement, meanwhile about 1000 to 1200 patients are treated every month. And we look forward to increase this numbers.

One of the five best hospitals of the country

There is also good news from a governmental hospital, which is supported by Cap Anamur. The Kalai Upazila Hospital is among the five best hospitals of the country. Cap Anamur delivers medical equipment and instruments to this institution since 3 ½ years. Further we provide all medicines needed and thus ensure support for the destitute sick and injured people in this region in the north of the country. In this hospital women and children account for about 80 % of the patients, too.

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