New Clinic Planned

It begins almost completely without pain, but the outcome can be fatal. It can take months before those affected notice a drop in physical and mental performance and the following loss of appetite is often overlooked. It is only when there is a regular feeling of nausea and subsequent vomiting that the symptoms are recognized as such. Anyone who continues to ignore or is not able to have chronic kidney failure treated must reckon with dyspnoea, convulsions and fatality. Both acute and chronic end-stage kidney failure must be treated via kidney transplant or at a dialysis unit. For more than a year, we have been running a small dialysis unit in Herat – but our capacities are limited.

At our small dialysis unit in Herat, the employees have more than enough to do. The team of 12 experts treated 1,500 patients there in 12 months. 75 percent of the patients who come to us for treatment are female. The core age group are patients between 14 and 30 years old. For the 1,050 patients with chronic kidney failure and the 450 patients with acute kidney failure we have just four dialysis machines in a very cramped space. The demand in the region is much higher. In the four provinces of Herat, Ghor, Farah and Badghis, there are almost six million inhabitants, for whom our unit is the only accessible facility in which this life-saving technology is available. The next nearest dialysis unit is located in the capital city of Kabul, more than 800 kilometers away from Herat.

These limited capacities often mean that patients who actually need dialysis treatment three times a week can only be treated every 10 days. This leads to an increased mortality rate – especially in chronically ill patients. Due to the lack of space we are not able to offer separate treatment for multiple patients at present. Therefore, to date, we have unfortunately been forced to turn away patients with infectious diseases, in order to protect the other patients in the unit.

As we see both the benefits of this project and the need for our help, we would like to expand our efforts. By building a nephrology clinic we could increase the number of patients treated. Over three floors and a total of 350 square meters we are planning an operating room, a recovery room, an isolation ward and a laboratory, as well as several regular wards and treatment rooms. We would also like to install six additional dialysis machines. As it has already been agreed that the Ministry of Health would officially run the clinic after its completion, the care of the patients is ensured even after our project has been completed. While the salaries of the recruited staff would be funded by the state, Cap Anamur plans to cover the cost of building the clinic and the purchase of the equipment. The medical supplies would also be financed by us in the first year. The cost of construction and equipment in the first year is currently estimated at around 550,000 Euros.

Help us build the new clinic in Afghanistan. With your donation, the long-term care of people suffering from kidney failure is ensured!