Construction work is on schedule

Since his arrival in March, our technician Thomas Spielmann takes care of the new pediatrics for our hospital in Bossembélé. After completion of the planning work by our architect Andreas Tsukalas, the wall grounding for the new children’s ward was quickly laid. The outer walls have now been raised to the level of the window. Steel ring reinforcements have been cast on the connecting side to the existing building to ensure the stability of the extension. “If the rain doesn´t disturb us, our team can start with the roof construction these days”, reports technician Thomas Spielmann. “Once the roof is finished, the rainy season can come.” Collaboration with local colleagues works well and everyone is optimistic that they will be able to open Pediatrics at the end of July.

In the first part of the annex, four new rooms will be created: for consultation and examination, for feeding the malnourished children and a room for storage purposes. The rooms are separated by a wide corridor, which also serves as a waiting area. The second part of the new building is for the stationary accommodation of children. In order to prevent contagion in the future, infectious children can be accommodated separately from those who are weakened by malnutrition. All in all, we will be adding 12 extra beds in this extension where are currently three children sharing a bed.

Our medical team has put the focus on the training of the staff: Our doctor Véronique Sydow and our nurse Sonja Schmidmeier are giving lessons with changing topics every Tuesday. Basic content such as hygiene measures are taken up and practiced again and again. In addition, the staff learns in the courses the right steps in the emergency care, the handling of oxygen and how the right drug is selected and dosed. For all treatment rooms, the corresponding dosages with milliliter data for each height and weight were summarized and posted, so that now no one has to calculate the dosage.

In addition, our medical team has introduced a weekly vaccination day. Because of the civil war there are many infants who have not been vaccinated. We try to prevent a measles epidemic. While the politicians and leaders of the various districts support us in raising awareness of the topic, the implementation of the vaccination day is carried out with the help of the villagers.

Our goal is to improve the health system in the Bossembélé district. This includes the care of the two surrounding smaller hospitals in Yaloké and Bouali, which we support with the delivery of medicines and the payment of medical staff wages. Thus, the medical care in these two institutions is guaranteed and the sick and injured people can be treated faster.