Construction and Refurbishment in Mogadischu

One and a half year ago a Cap Anamur team started the engagement in the Benadir hospital in Samalia’s capital Mogadischu. Besides the work on the children’s department of the hospital we also take care of construction and refurbishment measures to ensure a better treatment of the patients. The main part of the work has been done. The incredible amount of progress made is mainly owed to Eckard Schmidtke. At the age of 55 he instantly got acquainted with the project and based on his broad experience brought some excellent ideas to the project, which were welcomed by his Somalia colleagues. For all challenges of the construction work in Mogadischu he found a solution. Despite limited means and  restricted budgets the team day by day put all efforts in the “construction site Benadir hospital” and finally achieved a lot.

“We first had to do a lot of organizational preparation work, survey everything accurately, assigning the work in a new way. By setting up detailed construction plans we could improve quality as well as construction time. This has motivated the workforce since they achieve more with the same amount of input” reported Mr. Schmidtke. From purchasing to implementation everything was tightly organized. The result: Shorter construction times, better quality and lower cost. Our chief of construction, Mr. Abdula Ibrahim designed forms for simplifying work lots and revised work flows to ensure a proper communication.

An isolation ward could be implemented to separate other patients from measles, meningitis, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. Simultaneously functional rooms were refurbished to better match the flow of patients and keep the wards more quiet. The sewage system of the children’s department was linked to the new sewage tank to ensure that new toilets will go into operation once erected. At the moment the team is renewing the whole sewage and fresh water system. For this purpose a draining well needed to be constructed. Heavy rainfall made the well collapse and the well was filled with sewage from an old broken pipe. This made the work more difficult and caused delays. But early December the job was successfully finalized. The new sanitary installations now are connected and the system works properly. “The times of overflowing and stinking toilets are finally over” Mr. Schmidtke states with joy. The whole children’s hospital is now equipped with new PVC pipes.