Education as a chance for better life

Khadija is 16 years old and visits the 10th class of an integrated comprehensive school in Herat, a city in Afghanistan. Despite having 6 siblings she is the only one to visit a school. Her father, blind since ten years, not only in not main earner of the family, but also has passed on the disease to three of her siblings. Her 13 years old sister is completely blind, two others suffer from heavy visual impairment. Her mother does the laundry for two households without a washing machine. In the afternoon she together with Khadija cleans the school.

Khadija is an average pupil only. There is no support at home and lack of time, but as the only child in school she is the hope for a better life for the family. The family cannot afford private tuition. Total income of her mother is used for food and their house. It is difficult to find jobs which are paid appropriate and there is no health insurance or support by the state.

Cap Anamur has initiated a new project for children like Khadija: Private tuition cost free and classes to prepare for examinations for children and teens from poor families. In future 500 pupils from classes 9 to 12 can be educated in 6 rooms and one computer room. The part time teachers had to pass a special test in their respective disciplines before employment.

Khadija was one of the first to be proposed for this class by the director. Her dream is to become a midwife.  With this private tuition she comes closer to her dream.