Expansion of our Educational Program in Nepal

The earthquake in the Himalayas, which destroyed large parts of Nepal, took away many people’s homes and many children’s chances of education and a regular daily life. Our emergency aid team, which not only distributed medical aid and food immediately after the earthquake, also started planning for the reconstruction of two new earthquake-resistant schools for the mountain villages of Judeegaun and Chandeni. In May the first school was opened in Judeegaun. At the end of September, the grand opening of our second school in Chandeni took place. Approximately 700 pupils have been attending the two schools since then. However, there is still a lot to be done in order to enable more pupils to have the education to which every child is entitled.

At the school in the mountain village of Judeegaun, we have expanded our educational program. With the approval of the final two years of tuition in addition to the basic level of education already offered, our secondary school became a high school offering education up to university entrance level. In April 2018 the first pupils will take their final examinations. In order to enable children to move to a private school after completing primary school, we now offer English lessons in the primary school classes. With extra tutoring lessons in the secondary school, the transition to the last two years’ pre-examination level education is to be made easier. In addition and with immediate effect, an external teacher teaches children from the age of twelve in sexual education. We are also delighted to welcome Om Shankhar Panta, who has been teaching at the school for six years, as the school’s new director.

The work on the school building itself has also advanced well over the last weeks and months. The 300 trees that we planted in August last year have started to grow and turn the school grounds into a green oasis creating a good working and learning atmosphere. Even the upcoming dry season no longer poses a problem as we were able to collect a total of 48,000 litres of water in our new water tank system.

In our school in Chandeni the construction work is progressing. The school, which so far consisted of only one functional building with a total of eight classrooms, has been extended by a new building with a further eight rooms. Twelve of the rooms are currently being used for teaching, four rooms are for the administration functions. We were able to solve the problem with the water supply in the sanitary rooms using rainwater collectors. In addition, two large tanks were installed to supply the school with drinking water.

We would like to thank our donors, who have made the construction and development of the two schools possible!