SUDAN | Bombing on our hospital in the Nuba mountains

Today our hospital in Lwere in the Nuba Mountains has been attacked by military plains of the Sudan army. Two bombshells hit close to our hospital. The consulting hours were full of patients at this time. Patient and our staff took shelter in foxholes around the hospital.

“The pressure wave could be felt all over the place. Several houses were destroyed in the village. Three families lost all they had. Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. A little boy suffered a little from burning, as the straw roof fell on to the foxhole, where he and his family found shelter” Johannes Plate, our man at site reports.

“This attack can be judged as a direct offense to our hospital. The location is well known to the army”, Bernd Goeken, executive director of Cap Anamur comments.

Attacks against civil institutions and non military areas have increased during the last few weeks. Thus schools in Kauda and Uru have been attacked recently. Market places and medical institutions have been bombed and destroyed in ground fighting. This causes civil victims frequently. On May 1st, 5 children at ages between 4 and 13 have been killed.

Thousands of people seek shelter in sparse mountain caves, where they suffer from rain and cold. But outside the front lines people are scared and cannot work on their fields due to the random bombing. The situation in the Nuba mountains becomes more and more hopeless.