Cap Anamur opens health care center

The West is watching inactively while the murdering by ISIS and Syrian civil war parties at Europe’s border continues. With all their hope destroyed more people flee from the violence since in its fifth year the Syrian civil war presents itself as utterly brutal and destructive.

But what happens to those who do not have the strength or the money for an escape? Those who were evicted from their home town and now make their way from one village to the next, because with the ever changing frontline also the regions considered as safe shift? More than eight million Syrians hold out under the harshest conditions as internally displaced people. The meager international aid efforts only reach a minority of these people for whom the war developed to become everyday life and this life is merely a constant struggle for survival.

Can Anamur helps the ones remaining in their own country: We support a health care center including a center for vascular surgery with special medical requirements as suture equipment, artificial blood vessels, infusions and salaries for doctors and nurses. Furthermore, our logistician supplies numerous underground hospitals with medicine and consumables to guarantee primary health care. All of these facilities cannot be identified as such from the outside. The risk of being a target of an attack would be too severe. Therefore, the medical work takes place in improvised and decentralized underground hospitals. The medical personnel renders aid under extremely difficult conditions. Constant air raids and ruthless attacks by rebel groups on ground obstruct their work for which they risk their lives every day.

In order to improve our help for the internally displaced people we have opened a second health care center in Syria. Suitable premises provide us with the necessary cover to work in secrecy. Here, six doctors from different fields take care of those who had to stay. And also for those who were forced by lack of money to return despite the deadly peril and the fear of bomb attacks.

Because hardly anyone here can afford to pay for treatment, these people rely on our solidarity and help. Let us help together. We thank you for your trust!