Cap Anamur is conducting a COVID-19 vaccination campaign

Until recently the vaccination of the population of the Central African Republic against Covid-19 had not started. The Ministry of Health has now entrusted Cap Anamur with the task of conducting a vaccination campaign in the region of Bossenbélé.

Two weeks ago, we started vaccinating approximately 2,500 provided doses in our hospital in  Bossembélé.  The population was informed about the vaccination campaign with extensive information activities.

Originally, only 1,500 doses were provided for the district of Bossembélé. Since the demand for vaccination has been so high, 1,000 additional doses were provided.

A total of 1559 women and men were vaccinated in the Cap Anamur hospital. Our top vaccination priority group are persons aged 50 years and above, because the average age in the country is 53 years. During the course of the vaccination campaign we have vaccinated significantly more people below an age of 50 years.

The vaccination campaign was also successfully conducted in our medical station in Boali und Yaloke. 1,195 people were vaccinated there.

Of course, the number of provided vaccine doses seems very small compared to those available in Europe. So far, only 80,000 vaccine doses have been provided to the Central African Republic by the global aid program COVAX. With these doses 1.65 percent of the total population of 4.83 million people can be vaccinated.

Further 500,000 vaccination doses shall be delivered to the country. Unfortunately, it is still unclear when these doses will be available.

As soon as these vaccination doses become available, Cap Anamur will immediately continue the life-saving vaccination campaign in its hospital in Bossembélé.

You can watch a television report on the current vaccination campaign here!