Cap Anamur supports the poorest with food parcels

The economic and political situation in Lebanon has become increasingly catastrophic over the last years. With the rising economic crisis, the ramifications of the Corona pandemic and ultimately since the Beirut explosion, circumstances are aggravating even more. The ones suffering are the population’s poorest and  the 1.2 million Syrian refugees who fight for their life on a daily basis.

Since 2016, Cap Anamur is taking an active part in refugee settlements surrounding Sidon, Lebanon. Our work includes ensuring medical treatment for refugee families with a mobile clinic, because the daily struggle to survive leaves the people with no means for medical interventions, which usually entail costs.

After the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, the conditions under which Syrian refugees live have gotten worse. The possibility of earning money as a day-laborer vanished after stay-at-home orders were enacted. Groceries are unaffordable due to the economic crisis, drugs are scarce goods – the state of supply for poor people is a catastrophe.

Corona measures in our project

Our work is also influenced immensely by the Corona pandemic. In 2020, we had to shut down our mobile clinic entirely for a short period of time during lockdown. In order to adhere to the hygiene measures surrounding the pandemic, we had to lower the maximum number of patients we can provide medical care for on each day to 50. Our patients receive face masks and hand disinfectant when they leave the mobile clinic, so they can protect themselves against the virus.

Food parcels for the poorest families

Right now we are further supporting the poorest families that we treat in our mobile clinic with food parcels. Most of the people that receive our help are single mothers, widows or orphans. A food parcel contains oil, sugar, rice, pasta, salt, tomato sauce and bulgur, sometimes candy for the children.

6€ provide a family with food for an entire week and prevent the worst hunger.
You too can help to fight the hunger of Syrian refugees.

By donating 24€, you can support a Syrian refugee family and enable their supply of food staples for one month.