The foundling from Kamituga

Sabine Ndukwu works for Cap Anamur in the fourth year: first in Liberia, then for almost two years in the Sudanese Nuba Mountains, after which she started in our hospital in the Congo.

During this time, the midwife witnessed some unusual patient histories, but the 48-year-old was particularly touched by story of Neema: The little girl, who was probably born in the first week of March, was abandoned near a river. “The mother was probably suffering from a severe postpartum psychosis which left her unable to take care of the newborn,” suspects Sabine Ndukwu. “This is always an act of despair”.

But Neema was lucky under the circumstances: she stayed at the edge of the bank and did not fall into the water, soon to be found by a passerby. The man immediately brought the newborn to the hospital in Kamituga, where Sabine Ndukwu took care of her. “Fortunately the baby was not injured. We attended to the little patient first and then tried to find a new home for her, ” says the midwife. “We turned to the mayor of the village, who immediately started an appeal in the local radio.” Only three weeks later a suitable foster family was found. The new parents lovingly take care of the little girl and named her Neema, meaning grace in Swahili. Once a week they come to our hospital. The child continues to be supported by Cap Anamur, providing all necessary examinations, vaccinations, medical treatments and baby food. “I am so happy to see how the baby thrives,” says Ndukwu.

The hospital in Kamituga

South Kivu in the eastern part of Congo has been the scene of armed conflict for years. In the middle of this region we service a clinic for up to 400 hospital patients. In particular  the many rape victims need not only medical care but also psychological support. With empathy and experience, our midwife looks after the women, with the help of a local psychologist.

The renovation work is steadily progressing, new latrines and showers were completed this week.