Dieufera – Darling of Fortune

This could have ended badly: Nine-month- old Dieufera came to our hospital in Bossembélé in the Central African Republic because he had acute difficulties in breathing. The x-ray showed that the boy swallowed a rusty, twisted nail. As we did not have the possibility to extract the nail in our small hospital, we had to bring the young patient to the next larger hospital. However, on the way there, the ambulance got involved in an accident, during which a four-year- old boy was fatally injured. In the following tumults, Dieufera’s mother fled with her son. Only several days later the young patient reappeared in our hospital.

Now there was no time to be wasted. Immediately our local staff members drove to the next larger hospital with the young patient. There, the doctors could finally extract the rusty nail out of Dieufera’s lung. Miraculously, the little patient did not receive permanent injuries because of this unhealthy meal. Only light pneumonia needs to heal until we can send the boy home again.

How the little boy got hold of this rusty nail, still puzzles the parents. They certainly will not let him out of sight easily now.