Children in Lebanon Get New School Bus

Right at the start of winter, Cap Anamur donated a much-needed school bus to a school for physically and mentally challenged children in Lebanon.  Kids between the ages of 5 and 18 have to travel as much as 25 kilometers – and some even more – every day to get from their villages to school. The only two buses that existed before could transport no more than 18 children, which means that it used to take a while to bring everyone to their classes. Our bus offers 32 additional seats and makes sure that everyone gets to school on time.

The School for Children with Special Needs was destroyed almost completely during the civil war in 2006. Cap Anamur rebuilt it and has been in contact with Principal Hajeh Daad Ismail ever since. She keeps us updated on current developments: Before the war, approximately 80 kids have enrolled, and since building the additional school block, another 30 students are in the process of making great progress – thanks to well-trained staff and educational material adapted to the needs of the disabled. But still, the difficulty to get to school meant that a bigger bus was badly needed.

Last Tuesday we delivered the school bus. Teachers as well as students with their families and even the major got together in order to congratulate Hajeh Daad Ismail on the new bus and thank Hassan Basma, a longtime Cap Anamur employee. “It was a great pleasure to be able to make it easier for the children to get to school. They love school very much”, says Hassan Basma.

Our Mission in Lebanon

Between the years of 1983 and 1985, Cap Anamur has helped with reconstruction of the country that suffered serious destruction during the civil war. The south specifically has been badly damaged during the Second Lebanon War. Immediately after the establishment of a ceasefire in August 2006, Cap Anamur sent a team to the region that urgently needed help with reconstruction.

In the town of Alta El Chaab we found a school for children with special needs. Students as well as staff had fortunately survived the attacks. The building and the interior, however, got destroyed entirely, as well as the computer equipment suited to the needs of the children. In 2007, renovation work had been completed and educational material replaced. Students and teachers alike were glad and looking forward to lessons at their new school.

Hassan Basma

Hassan Basma, a Lebanese national, has been working for 21 years as a logistics specialist for Cap Anamur in different countries. He lives in Sierra Leone with his family and oversees our hospital in Freetown. Currently, he organizes the construction of the clinic extension building.