Mitarbeiter von Cap Anamur haben an einer Weggabelung Möglichkeiten zum Hände waschen und desinfizieren aufgestellt.

A disaster with announcement

How we prepare our projects for Corona

Especially in countries where the health system is already weak, the corona virus that has kept us on our toes in Germany for a few weeks now will do particularly great damage. Where previously medication, modern intensive care units and trained specialists were missing, the population will be particularly hard hit. People who cannot afford to stay at home and often do not even have enough money for protective masks for their families are facing a catastrophe.

Therefore, from the first moment of the spread of Covid-19 we strive to take the appropriate measures in our projects. In Afghanistan, we were the first to provide an emergency package with protective clothing for medical care in Herat, as there were some cases early on due to border traffic with Iran. Corona has already arrived in Africa on a large scale, almost every country is affected, but there are hardly any positive test results. In Africa, an exact number of infected people cannot be determined in because there are hardly any or no possibilities to test patients. The symptoms of Covid 19 can hardly be distinguished from malaria or other diseases.

We at Cap Anamur are preparing as best we can for the current situation, but this is more difficult in Africa than in many other parts of the world. So it is hardly possible to fly in employees anymore, as most countries have closed the borders as a first measure. Respirators have become a scarce commodity and prices on the market have skyrocketed within a few days. We are therefore using this crisis to support the local economy and are now having our masks made by seamstresses from our project sites.

Throughout our projects, we have set up stations for washing hands, especially in busy places such as marketplaces or schools. In our hospitals we do educational work and train the local staff.

“Local people are worried because in the news they saw how bad the corona virus has hit the comparatively rich continents of Europe and the United States. We are prepared, but who knows what really is to come, ”said Johannes Plate, Cap Anamur project coordinator in Sudan.We are facing a catastrophe with announcement that, as so often, will hit the poorest. Please help us help!