New children’s station for the Bossembélé hospital

by Thomas Spielmann

The construction of a new pediatric station in the Bossembélé hospital has made significant progress. Despite the rain season there were no major interruptions by weather conditions. Our team really speeded up and we could install the gable as early as mid June with the help of 30 co-workers. After the batters were placed and the roof plates fixed, we finalized the roof construction a few days later.

Now we will start the interior works: Windows and doors will be fitted and installed, walls be plastered and painted. For the large, cross shaped waiting area, which is integrated in the wide hall, we built large concrete benches. During the next few days we will link the building with the water supply net and then will concrete the floors. In parallel I will start with the electric installation and thereafter the main entrance will get a covered terrace. We look forward to finalize the building by mid of August.

Thomas Spielmann

The 33 year old technician from Bielefeld is working since February 2015 for the Cap Anamur Project in the Central African Republic.