A rooftop solar power plant for our hospital in Afghanistan

As of now, the hospital that Cap Anamur built a year ago in Shade can be powered by its own rooftop solar power plant. Reasons for installing the system were not only the steady rise in electricity prices, but also the recurring power blackouts. Using renewable solar energy in a country like Afghanistan, where the sun shines at an average of ten months a year, is particularly useful and sustainable. Local staff have been trained for the maintenance and repair work, to not rely on foreign technicians. In the matter of power supply, the hospital is finally completely autonomous.

Since its opening a year ago the hospital is more than well frequented, more than 200 patients visit every day.  No wonder: the catchment area includes the 13 surrounding villages with a total population of some 45,000 people and the nearest medical care facility is located in Herat, roughly 60 kilometers away.