Hospital was officially inaugurated

Last week it was time: the hospital built by Cap Anamur was officially inaugurated. CEO Bernd Göken arrived at the official handover accompanied by our long-term employee Faisal Haidari and photographer Jürgen Escher. In addition to representatives of the health authorities, village elders and numerous interested residents also took the opportunity to examine the new facility. Everyone was happy about the visitors from Germany. They thanked Cap Anamur and the donors in Germany, especially Hanno Helms. With his generous donation, the retired teacher from Bad Hersfeld made the construction project possible.

Help for the project was also provided by the Afghans. Thus, the plot of land for the new build was made available by local citizens. Support in the construction came from residents of the surrounding villages, who were actively involved. One of the local speakers reported that this mutual project has built a bridge between the surrounding villages. The once estranged communities have come closer again through their common goal. ‘This reconciliation makes us very happy’, said Bernd Göken. ‘Cap Anamur has had good experiences in involving local residents. This makes it their project and people will continue to look after the hospital in the future’.

Numbers show how important this facility is for the area. In the first three months after opening, the hospital was already full from morning to evening; approximately 200 patients daily. This is hardly surprising since the facility’s catchment area includes 13 surrounding villages with a total population of around 45,000 people. So far the nearest option for medical care was in Herat, about 60 kilometres away. Now people can receive outpatient treatment at their new hospital. For the more severe cases, the hospital has an inpatient department with 12 beds.

The representative of the Ministry of Public Health of the province Herat praised the form of medical establishment and explained that it was already considered a model example for the form of CHC (Comprehensive Health Center). Over the next three years, Cap Anamur will take care of the equipment, staff and the hospital management. There are currently 12 employees working in the hospital. Still needed is an Afghan doctor but medical professionals are hard to find, especially female doctors. To provide support, two graduates each of our obstetrics and nursing training will soon join the team.