Cap Anamur baut Grundschule in der Zentralafrikanische Republik

New construction of the primary school in Bondio completed.

Cap Anamur used the corona-related school closure in the Central African Republic for the new construction of the primary school in Bondio.

So far, the 400 students in Bondio have received lessons in a completely dilapidated school. The children had to take lessons in two overcrowded rooms, some of them standing or sitting on stones. When the schools in the Central African Republic were closed in March of this year due to the corona pandemic, we were able to start the planned new building project earlier than scheduled.

Grundschule in Bodio vor dem Neubau durch Cap AnamurAt the end of May the previous school was demolished and reconstruction began.

The laying of the foundation stone took place in early June under increased corona regulations. The students of the children’s choir sang on this occasion and the solemn act was celebrated with plenty of distance.

Just four weeks later, the foundation walls were in place and construction work was progressing well.

Neue Klassenräume in der Grundschule in BondioCap Anamur used the local infrastructure for this: craftsmen from the region were involved, the school desks were made by a local carpenter and all the painting work was done by local employees. The building material was procured exclusively in the Central African Republic. Our long-standing project employee Marius coordinated and accompanied the work on site.

This is how a joint project was created, involving the local structures.

At the beginning of October the construction work was almost completed and the new school was taking shape. A building complex was created with four classrooms, an office for the director, a storage room and new and above all hygienic sanitary facilities. So that in the future the children can learn in a modern and clean environment.

Cap Anamur baut Grundschule in der Zentralafrikanischen RepublikCap Anamur has thus made an important contribution to elementary education in this region.

The primary school was inaugurated at the beginning of November. These celebrations also took place under increased corona regulations. Nevertheless, the students, the teachers and the entire community celebrated the initiation.