Opening of our new Surgical Ward

After a construction period of five months the work on the new surgical ward of the hospital in Fandriana was completed in June. Subsequently, the hospital laboratory, the sonography unit and the pharmacy were also reconstructed, refurbished, and supplied with the necessary equipment. Finally, in July a big celebration was held due to the official opening of the new surgical ward. A great number of people from the neighbouring villages came by and were happy to see, that from now on they would have access to profound medical healthcare.  Thus far, for every surgical intervention they had to travel about 50 km to Ambositra. In cases of emergency and without a car this is a long and sometimes even impossible journey – especially when the patients have already travelled up to 60 km just to reach Fandriana.

Also Politicians of the National Government of Antananarivo came to the celebrations, as well as important persons from Ambositra and the local authorities of the District of Fandriana. In numerous speeches people thanked the local Cap-Anamur-Teams and particularly the donors in Germany for their commitment and dedication. Without their initiative the expansion of the hospital would not have been possible.

On the same day the first caesarean section was performed in the new surgical ward. It was 30 years old Miarisoa Lilia from Fandriana who came to our hospital in labour-pains for delivery of her first child. „With time it became obvious that although she had periodic constrictions, the birth process was not substantially progressing“, remembers Cap-Anamur physician Friederike Hunstig. “We made an emergency sonography, and everything seemed well with regard to the child. To minimize any danger to the baby caused by the stagnation of the birth process it was decided that a caesarean section would be the safest option.” At once, the surgical team started the preparations and an epidural anaesthesia was given to the mother. Lala, an experienced senior nurse, took over primary care of baby girl Kanto Miangola in the operating room directly after delivery. The whole procedure went without any complication. Mother and daughter were doing fine afterwards and could return home a few days later.

By building the surgical ward, the status of medical care of the whole institution has been enhanced as from now on broad treatment options are available. We are glad that thereby we were able to contribute to the improvement of the medical healthcare for about 260.000 people in the District of Fandriana.