Women are afraid to loose their rights

Events in Afghanistan are currently determined by the withdrawal of NATO troops and the nationwide advance of the Taliban. Fear and hopelessness spread among the population.

Afghan women in particular, who have made some progress in the last 20 years, such as the right to school or vocational training or to attend universities, are very concerned that with the rise of the Taliban, these opportunities will no longer be open to them.

Cap Anamur has been training midwives since 2010 and nurses since 2012. Women and men from mostly rural regions of Afghanistan take part in these trainings. After completing their training, the nurses go back to their home villages to improve medical care there.

Since 2018, we have also been supporting school education for Afghan students with a free tutoring project. Because boys and girls who do not get their qualifications straight away can only take the final exam again through costly exam courses.

Fayze graduated from high school with the help of our free tutoring project and was also well prepared for the university entrance exam through this project.

Also for the 19-year-old, the threatened takeover of power by the Taliban is a tragedy. She is now studying business administration in Herat in her first semester. She is firmly convinced that she was only able to pass the university entrance exam because she was well prepared after six months of intensive exam preparation in our tutoring project. “I couldn’t have afforded private lessons. We are five siblings and only my father earns money, but he also has it on his intervertebral disc and he often canˋt work because of the pain. ”

Fayze made it to the university with a lot of hard work and diligence, she drives an hour every day in the dust and heat from her little mud house to the university and back in the afternoon.
At home, there are numerous household chores waiting for her before she can learn something in the evening and prepare for the next day. “What do I do if the Taliban, who are known for their hostility to education, forbid women from going to university?” She asks worriedly. She also feares being forced into a marriage, as it was often the case 20 years ago.
Because at that time girls were married very young so that no Taliban could lay claim to them, because a contradiction would often have been fatal for the head of the family or the girl would have been the victim of kidnapping and forced marriage.

Her father is very proud of Fayze, but he also remembers the conditions from 20 years ago: “I would also like to believe, like the West, that the Taliban have developed, but how is this development supposed to have taken place? Have they attended schools or universities in the past 20 years, or have they had allowed their daughters and wives to do so? ”Says her father.

And with that he is addressing what many people in Afghanistan fear. With an advance and the increase in power of the Taliban, a return to the living conditions as they were before will take place. And these circumstances include the loss of human rights, especially women’s rights.

Students on our nursing course are also very unsure whether and under what difficult conditions they can finish their training.

The sense and nonsense of the NATO mission and the withdrawal of Western troops from Afghanistan has been discussed a lot in recent weeks.
One of the greatest tragedies, namely that soon no humanitarian aid or NGO project will reach the civilian population; The fact that even before the Western military, many aid organizations were forced to leave the country and its inhabitants to their tragic fate, is rather too little discussed.

We hope, as Cap Anamur, we can continue to make life easier for the civilian population in Afghanistan and to help women to gain their right to education through our valuable work and our responsible use of donations.