peace negotiations raise hope for a brighter future

Last weekend in Juba, capital of Sudan, an accord that could bring long-desired peace to the war-torn country was signed at last.

The current interim government, led by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, came together with the most important rebel group SPLM-N for peace talks. An important issue of the conversation is the rebel group’s wish of secularizing Sudan in order to ensure the nation’s freedom of religion.

These demands were overlooked in previous peace talks. The interim government has now, along with representatives of the rebel groups, signed an accord that acknowledges nonpartisanship of the state in regards to matters of religion, meaning that the parties involved agreed on the separation of state and religion.

This accommodation is widely seen as an essential step for further peace talks – the nation’s been craving peace for years. The people have been witnesses of recurring fights, most notably in the province of South-Kordofan, between the rebel groups and the former government under al-Bashir, who was removed from office in 2019.

The civilian population of the Nuba mountains has suffered from these wars particularly, as they had to leave their villages and seek shelter in the mountains, where the people live under harsh conditions and lack a working infrastructure. Missing food, low water reserves and poor medical aid make living in the mountains a fight for one’s life.

Therefore, Cap Anamur helps out the population of the Nuba mountains with an own hospital since 1997. We ensure the area’s medical aid and help over 200.000 people every year.

Peace and freedom, that’s what the people long for, and they hope to have their wishes turned into reality as a result of the ongoing negotiations.


Bernd Göken (CEO of Cap Anamur) on the issue at hand:

“I stopped believing these important peace negotiations would happen someday. It really is something special, even though it’s obviously not a peace treaty yet. This settlement is a historic step that sets the path for negotiations on a ‘comprehensive peace agreement’. We hope for significant improvements of the health and education system in the Nuba Mountains, especially because of the difficult humanitarian situation. Cap Anamur has been committed to the region for over 20 years, and the new perspectives that could be created by a peace contract will lead to a sustainable improvement of the people’s living conditions. They’re looking forward to a brighter future after all these years of conflict. Much has happened in Sudan in 2020. Now, the population of the Nuba mountains can finally profit by the developments in the new Sudan, too. We’re looking forward to step into a new and better future, together with the people.”