For a strong network of support

Bangladesh belongs to the poorest countries of the world. About seven million children contribute with their day to day hard work to the survival of their families. There is neither room for education nor hope for a better future. Therefore there is a lack of qualified personnel all over the place. This can be noted especially in the field of medical aid: One doctor is serving about 3,000 people, while this relation in Germany is about 1 to 300. Most people in rural areas have no access to basic needs. A lot of medical facilities are dilapidated and there is a lack of medicines and other materials. A consequence of the poor medical system is a lifetime expectation of only 65.7 years as well as a high infant mortality – 48 children of 1,000 die before the age of five.

Cap Anamur is engaged in the northern part of the country, in the district of Joypurhat: There we support six hospitals in cooperation with the ministry of health care; thus we improve the medical aid network. Despite of a high level of corruption and extreme bureaucratic hurdles our staff achieved with negotiation skills and perseverance to establish our continuing support . The delivery of medicines, supplies and technical equipment assures a cost free medical aid for the “ultra poor”. Our special control measures ensure that the aid arrives at the poorest of the poor. Thus by our support about 5,000 people can be reached each month.

What started as an emergency aid after the cyclone Sidr, which hit the country in 2007 and caused incredible damages and killed 3,500 people, has developed into an ongoing project.  Presently our team plans for mother-child support and medical aid for seniors in the area of Joypurhat.