Major Fire in Freetown

Huge flames, panicking people and oppressive heat – a fire breaking out in Freetown last weekend was causing big riots in the capital of Sierra Leone. The definite cause for the fire could not be clarified yet, but due to the slums simple way of house construction and the not existing infrastructure, the flames spread out easily. This way, last weekend more than 300 people lost their homes and there are two deaths known by our Cap Anamur workers.

The Pikin Paddy, our shelterhome for homeless children is located close to the catastrophe’s center. Our Cap Anamur staff working on location, was reacting fast, analyzing the situation and offering help. “We started building tents and giving out water immediately”, says Dennis Wellmann one of our Cap Anamur male nurses at the Pikin Paddy. Furthermore, they provided all families with drinking water and soap in order to guarantee hygienic standards and minimize the danger of a disease outbreak.

Last year’s April, a fire outbreak in the slum of Freetown, was already taking away lives and homes of many people. “We are very pleased, that the cooperation between us and the community is running as smoothly. It was giving us the chance to provide help in a fast and efficient way”, said Wellmann. It might still take some time, until the habitants of Freetown will be able to get back to normality, but the Cap Anamur Team will be on location to take care of the affected people.