Foundation stone laid for new school in Bowesse

Cap Anamur already completed a school construction project in the Central African Republic last year. Last week, another new construction of an elementary school was started.

The new elementary school will be built in the Bossembélé district, where Cap Anamur also operates the hospital. The village of Bowesse 2 is about a 1.5 hour drive from our clinic location. Currently, about 1,332 people live in the small village.

The previous school is completely dilapidated and actually consists only of a wooden frame without a roof. Therefore, the approximately 580 students have been housed in a temporary school for a long time. The two village churches are available as a temporary solution. However, the boys and girls do not even have enough seats here and often have to follow the lessons standing up. Before each class, they have to bring their blackboard to the temporary school themselves.


Unfortunately, there are no government funds available for the renovation of the village school. Therefore, the mayor of Bowesse 2, together with the village community, approached Cap Anamur’s project manager and asked for support.

Marius Akpe, who has been coordinating all projects in the Central African Republic for Cap Anamur since 2014, visited the dilapidated school and evaluated a future construction project.

We were able to win over the Fly & Help Foundation for the new construction of the school and were able to start the planning together with local craftsmen. We make sure that as much of the workforce and construction material as possible comes from the region and local craftsmen make furniture, for example. In this way, we create a high level of identification of the population with the construction project.

The foundation stone for the new building was laid

Last week, we laid the foundation stone together with the village community, the mayor and representatives of the municipality. The construction work will now proceed rapidly and a completion of the new elementary school is planned for the end of September.

Then the girls and boys will have a safe, spacious and well-equipped place to learn.