Health Post Opened

Once established as a First Aid – project in Somaliland, a state in northwestern Somalia currently experiencing a dry-season, meanwhile developed long-lasting and sustainable structures. After a fast supply of water and food to the community, we furthermore took over important functions at the Hospital of Caynabo in order to secure and maintain medical services. We enlarged the hospital’s intensive-care unit, educated its medical personnel and secured its inventory of live-saving pharmaceuticals.

With our Mobile Clinic, we started to supply medical services to isolated villages in the surroundings to provide medical care to those who are too poor or whose illness is too grave as to allow them to make it all the way to Caynabo. The mobile clinic is in use 6 days a week and serves, dependent on the locations, up to 2-3 villages a day.

We broadened our medical network in the rather rural area in northern Somalia by opening our Health Post in War Idaad, a small village in the north-west of Caynabo. Its local population is now able to rely on medication from a small newly-established pharmacy, and on a well-educated medical staff trained by us.

The dry-season in Africa is a tremendous challenge for above all, its rural communities. To alleviate the heavy climatic impact on the population we in 2017 began to supply food and water to villages in northern Somalia. A crucial factor is that only 32% of Somalia’s population have access to clean drinking water. Notwithstanding the improvement of the rainy season – conditions in the last years the suffering experienced by the population is remarkable and immense.