Help where misery is largest

The public attention for numerous crisis and wars in this world is limited. Accordingly, the offers for aid are rare, which addresses people in long lasting humanitarian emergency situations. Despite these people anyway belong to the poor and marginalized groups of population.  Our target is to help especially these people: For example in the Sudan region of the Nuba –mountains, close to the border to South-Sudan. Here militant rebel groups stand against a government, ready to use violence, which all follow their own interests on the cost of the civilians. Hundreds of thousands of Nuba-families have been displaced from their villages and seek shelter in the caves in the nearby mountains.

Cap Anamur supports these people almost since 20 years. With enormous logistical efforts we deliver medicines to this remote area, operate a hospital in the village of Lwere and secure the operation of 6 medical facilities in the surrounding areas. Furthermore our team undertakes frequent and extensive vaccination campaigns and takes care of malnourished children. All in all we treat about 20,000 patients a month. Besides us there is no international help for these people and thus we will support them also in future.

Expansion of supply-networks

We apply a similar concept in Central-African-Republic, a country, which despite ongoing and never ending civil war is in the shadow of actual crisis. Here like in the Nuba-mountains we establish on the basis of our hospital in Bossembele a satellite type network of medical stations to reach people in rural areas.

The people in Sierra Leone have to cope with a quite different crisis. Since in recent years the Ebola-epidemic reached worldwide attention for the countries in West-Africa, with the end of the epidemic the interest of the world came to an end. However, the 10 years lasting civil war from 1991 to 2002 and the largest Ebola epidemic in history have caused large consequential damages:  The anyway poor medical system totally collapsed, which is no wonder since 3,500 died from the virus, among them 400 employees of the medical sector.

Our team was active there with the refurbishment of the children’s hospital in the capital of Freetown even before the epidemic. But we helped during the epidemic, too, by erecting an isolation station and a shelter house for orphans. The end of Ebola for us was the starting point for another project: Re-construction of the health care system. Meanwhile since 1 ½ years we work in the hospital of Makeni, in the center of Sierra Leone. Despite 20 employees died from the virus, the local team is highly motivated to bring the hospital back into operation with our assistance. Progress can be seen: We have erected a new intensive care unit, refurbish the buildings, supply medicines and technical equipment and educate staff.

Please support us in helping people in long lasting humanitarian crisis! With only 70 Euro you can finance 20 packages of high calorific food for malnourished children.  An overall vaccination protection for 5 children in the Nuba-mountains you can make possible with110 Euro. And for 300 Euro we can get a set of medical instruments for our medical stations.