Make support sustainable

When Cap Anamur started work in northern Somalia at the beginning of this year, it was all about acting quickly and tackling the acute problems first. So first the regions Sabawanag and Caadadlay were supplied with water. Here lived mainly women, children and the elderly. Most of the men had gone west with the part of the livestock that was not yet dying of thirst to find water and pasture – mostly in vain, because even there the water resources were exhausted. The consequences were not only the lack of water, but also a life-threatening food shortage, which we encountered with packages full of food for the population.

The medical situation also deteriorated dramatically due to the lack of drinking water. Animal carcasses contaminated the groundwater and contaminated water sources promoted the spread of infectious diseases. With a mobile clinic, our staff provided first aid and transported patients with a critical condition to the nearest hospital, more than 100 kilometers away.

Our goal is not only to help people in a crisis situation, but also to act sustainably. For this reason, we have built water catchment basins in Somalia in order to be able to secure the water supply in Somalia in the future. These rainfall stations can hold up to 500 cubic meters of water, almost as much as a small swimming pool. The new water catchment basin is located near the village of Balli Awad in the Sabawanag region. The water collected there will be able to benefit up to 200 families in the future. Especially in the dry season, water is a rare commodity and many low-income families have to invest a large part of their money in water. Through the construction of the catchment basin, it should also be ensured that the inhabitants of the village can provide themselves with sufficient water.