Help for the Rohingya

New battles occurred late in August in the long lasting conflict between the Rohingya rebels and the government army in the province of Rakhine in Burma. Since then hundreds of people died. According to UN-news about 400,000 people fled to the neighboring Bangladesh, of which about 50% were children. Hundreds of thousands reached the neighboring Bangladesh in boats during monsoon period. The heavy rainfall complicates the escape and makes the situation of the refugees even worse.

The Rohingya are among the most persecuted minorities in the world. The members of the Muslim minority are not recognized as citizens of Burma. In this multi-ethnic state the majority are Buddhists. The Muslim Ruhingyas are about one million people. They are stateless since the military- junta took away the citizenship in 1982. Now more than 400,000 Rohingya have to stay in flooded and improvised tent camps in Bangladesh, while a return to their homeland is uncertain.

Cap Anamur is on site in Bangladesh. Our main target is the support of the people with food, water and basic medicine. In coordination with the Bangladesh government we intend to settle in two camps and organize our help there. The heavy rain complicates our work, but our preparation efforts are running full speed in order to help the Rohingyas as soon as possible.

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