Hygiene in times of Corona – a reality in Sierra Leone due to our work.

Since 2014, Cap Anamur maintains a total of nine toilet and shower cabins in the slums of Freetown, Sierra Leones’ capital city. Especially in the midst of the Corona pandemic, these are vital sanitary spots.

In the slums of Freetown, clean water is a scarce resource, even though the ocean is in close distance. The slums consist of an overstuffed accumulation of  cabins, dens and run-down houses, built on and between piles of garbage. In between flows an utterly filthy river’s tail, congested and contaminated with household waste, where pets wallow inside.

The water quality is accordingly low. Inside the homes, there’s no stream of water running – thus, toilet cabins became established, allowing residents of the slums to take care of their daily business.

In 2014, Cap Anamur added nine of these toilet  cabins to its hygiene project. Ebola was raging back then, and Cap Anamur was the country’s last aid organization standing. Washhouses were managed by survivors of the Ebola virus. To this day, the houses are getting cleaned up on a daily basis and users are advised to mind the important hygiene measures, such as washing hands. We renovate the washhouses regularly, so that they remain in a decent condition.

With the emergence of the Corona virus, sanitary facilities regained significance as an important countermeasure against further surges of the infectious disease. For the slums’ inhabitants, they enable their daily hygiene – in some cases, there’s not even an alternative spot for washing hands.

We reinforced hygiene measure during the first wave of the pandemic by providing many families with hand washing stations. These are families whose children our social workers from Pikin Paddy, a shelter for street kids, are in charge of.

This is how we make an important contribution towards slowing down the spread of the Corona virus in Sierra Leone.

You too can make a difference. Support our work in Sierra Leone by donating 53,-€ for a monthly hygiene package*, used for the cleaning of a toilet cabin.


*Gloves, chlorin, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, hand wash soap.