Hygienic measures to prevent sickness

By Dennis Wellmann

Since Ebola broke out in 2014 we run a hygienic project in Freetown, the Capital of Sierra Leone. We clean ten toilettes and washrooms with showers in the largest and poorest district of the town and educate people in hygienic measures to prevent various infections. Now we have decided to comprehensively refurbish the facilities, as toilettes, washbasins and water pipes are meanwhile in poor conditions.  Furthermore we will not only deal with the sanitary facilities, but look after the power supply, too, so that the facilities can be lighted during night and can be used independently from daylight. This will be powered by solar modules on the roofs of the facilities in order to provide power easy and affordable.

We have completed refurbishment of one of the facilities and opened it for the people. In this context we could extend the facility by two toilettes and two showers. The ten toilettes and washrooms are used by about 3,000 people a day. Not only people from the poor areas use the toilet houses. In the largest slum area of Freetown a big market is located, where goods of all kinds including food are sold. Thus the vendors and clients of the market make use of the toilet houses, which are cleaned by us on a regular schedule.

During the Ebola epidemic the largest poor district of Freetown was called the most dangerous area for infections, which has been defused by our project. We also could reduce the occurring Cholera infections.

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