International Day for Street Children

Today is the International Day for Street Children. In its refuge house Pikin Paddy in Sierra Leone, Cap Anamur is taking care of children who ended up on the street.

Since June 17, 2020  Cap Anamur is a member of an initiative of five NGOs, which aim to provide a voice to the street children of Sierra Leone. Together all members want to create public awareness for street children and will stand up for their rights.

The Sierra Leone Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs intends to revise the national children’s rights.  The initiative recommends that a survey among 112 street children in Freetown, conducted by the Harvard University, should be the basis for this revision. This survey shows the actual living conditions of the street children.

In order to inform the public of Sierra Leone about the street children’s situation, an action day will be held on April 12, 2021. Cap Anamur takes part in this program and thus supports this important educational work.

The initiative has commissioned a song for this action day. Two children from each refuge house participated in a workshop. In this workshop the girls and boys were taught how to write and to produce a song. Afterwards, they recorded the song together in a studio. In their song, they sing about the dangers on the street, the reasons why they ended on the street, but also their hopes and wishes and how they imagine their future.

A video of this song was also produced and can be watched here: