Pediatrician from Hannover: 1,5 active years in the distant Nuba Mountains

Julia Pape, pediatrician from Hannover, had been working in our Nuba Mountains hospital since December 2019. Over the course of 1,5 years, she’s not only treated patients and educated the local staff, but has learned a lot herself.

When Julia Pape first started her project assistance in our hospital in the Nuba Mountains in December 2019, she’d already been through a week-long journey to South Sudan – the far-off Nuba Mountains are difficult to access. This does not only affect our medical staff, but also the path by which our patients travel to our clinic, which can take up to several hours or even days.

Down in the South of Sudan, Cap Anamur built the hospital in Lwere in 1997. In the meantime, it’s become an operative clinic complex that includes a walk-in-clinic, surgery, laboratory and maternity ward that just recently opened its doors. 1 million people live in the area, and each year, we’re treating more than 140.000 patients.

Our project assistants learn in the line of duty

As a pediatrician, Julia had to treat many malnourished children, Malaria infections, pneumonias, burnings and injuries. But this doesn’t cover the whole spectrum of her tasks in the hospital, because many things can’t be passed to a specialist, given the region’s inaccessible location. Emergencies like Caserean deliveries or the treatment of a bullet wound demand action right at the spot. Though not every Cap Anamur worker is trained in surgery, that knowledge is necessary in the everyday clinic life – so, our project staff needs to adapt and learn.

Our hospital director Joseph’s acquired numerous important surgical skills in his 20 years of experience in our hospital. Our emitted professionals, which aren’t trained in surgery, then assisted Joseph in the operating room. Julia too has learned a lot thanks to our hospital director.


Advanced training for local staff

Our pediatrician then took on the mantle herself and educated nurses, since not everyone of the 65 local workers is fully trained. During ward rounds with our medical

professionals and according lessons, they learn everything they need in order to lead the hospital all by themselves one day. This is the goal we set to reach with the support of our emitted professionals, such as Julia Pape: the projects we started will someday continue independent of our influence – with success.

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