Syrian Refugee Kids Attend School

It’s school time: For almost five years now, boys and girls from the area of Homs in Syria have been living in the province of Saida in the South of Lebanon. A lot of them have never been to school – even though a school program for Syrian refugees implemented by the Lebanese government was to provide free lessons for children in the afternoons.

Unfortunately, nobody seemed to keep the question of how to get to school in mind: in Lebanon, there is no public transport – the only way to get around are private means of transportation which the Syrians simply cannot afford. Additionally, refugee shelters are located mostly in the city outskirts, making it impossible to walk to school, especially during colder times of the year.

After motivating and supporting parents in signing their kids up for school, our team in Lebanon chartered busses, making sure that approximately 300 kids could attend class and be safe on their way to school and back.

Furthermore, we are currently working on the construction of a preschool in one refugee shelter, in cooperation with different NGOs. Teachers are preparing kids of preschool age – approximately 180 of them – for school in Lebanon, with lessons being held in English. A couple of older kids who did not get into the local school program are also attending.

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