Local Project Coordinator Is Ensuring Our Work on Site

Cap Anamur cooperates with four governmental- and three non-governmental healthcare facilities to allow the poorest part of the population free medical treatment.

Cap Anamur unterstützt seit vielen Jahren Krankenhäuser in Bangladesch mit Geräten und Medikamenten.We are working with a local project coordinator, Shabbir Ahmed, who has been working for Cap Anamur since 2008. He is in close contact with said healthcare facilities and his responsibilities include providing them with medications and supplies, because it is part of our cooperation. Besides medications, Cap Anamur provides medical instruments and technical equipment for the hospitals. That is how we ensure adequate medical treatment for Bangladeshi citizens who would have been excluded from the healthcare system otherwise.

Shabbir Ahmed buys the materials and is managing the logistics. By that, we are also strengthening regional economy and prevent long delivery routes.

Here you can read more about Shabbir Ahmed and his work as project coordinator.

Cap Anamur Mitarbeiter verteilen Masken in BangladeschAdditionally, over 90,000 masks were distributed in Bangladesh since the mid of last year. Previously in January 2021, 25,000 masks have been made and handed out, which was supervised by our local project coordinator as well. The masks were produced by local tailors and afterwards been distributed at cooperating healthcare facilities.

That is because the poorest cannot afford these masks, that are an important protective measure, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.